E911 Solutions For Commercial Enterprises

RedSky is the leading provider of automated E911 software solutions to commercial enterprises. Since 1999, hundreds of companies, including 50 in the Fortune 500, have implemented RedSky E911 solutions to automatically track and manage their location information.

Seconds count in an emergency and accurate location information is critical for effective emergency response. Commerical enterprises need an automated E911 solution that can accurately track the exact location of employees or visitors in complex, multi-building environments and quickly deliver this information to first responders for effective emergency response.

Many state regulations now have an E911 mandate which requires enterprises to implement E911 on their voice communications systems. RedSky E911 solutions comply with all state and federal regulations and provide detailed reports and transaction logs to create an audit trail to help protect the enterprise from civil or regulatory liabilities.

E911 Manager®

Total E911 Protection for Digital, Analog and IP Phones

RedSky's E911 Manager® is the first choice of commercial enterprises to automatically manage 911 location tracking. E911 Manager® can be deployed on a server in the enterprise datacenter or deployed as a cloud service via RedSky's managed private cloud. E911 Manager® integrates with the enterprise voice platform to automatically track and manage location information for analog, digital and IP phones. Read more about E911 Manager®.

E911 Anywhere®

National 9-1-1 Call Routing for the Distributed, Mobile Enterprise

For commercial enterprises that have adopted IP telephony across a robust WAN, the E911 Anywhere® Cloud Service may be the right solution for you. The E911 Anywhere® cloud-based service accepts and routes 9-1-1 calls to any PSAP in the USA and Canada, eliminating the need for costly local 9-1-1 trunking and PS-ALI contracts with Local Exchange Carriers. E911 Anywhere® is perfect for large, distributed organizations with dozens or hundreds of locations throughout the country connected over the WAN using VoIP or SIP. Read more about E911 Anywhere®.