E911 White Papers

RedSky is a thought leader in E911 and location-based services (LBS). Our white papers provide critical background material on the future of E911 for Unified communications, SIP and future location-based services.

Assessing E911 Liability Risk

This comprehensive overview of the legal liability that enterprises may face also includes a baseline explanation of E911 as a technology.

Building a Budget for E911

Building a Budget for E911 is an easy-to-use document that offers step-by-step instructions and information on how to build an E911 budget for your enterprise. So whether you are a large enterprise with multiple locations in multiple states, or a single smaller location, you’ll be able to determine which solution is right for you and begin to assimilate budgetary numbers.

Building Support for an E911 Project Within Your Organization

This white paper will help you identify the various organizations within your enterprise that will be affected by an E911 project and determine their likely concerns. Our step-by-step approach will help you anticipate their response and also equips you with answers and suggestions to alleviate any concerns and gain their support.

A Consultant's Guide to E911

This guide is designed to help telecommunications consultants accurately assess their client’s requirements for E911 and construct specifications for an RFP to identify those companies and products that best deliver the desired solutions.

Using a VoIP Location Management System to Enhance 9-1-1 Call Response on Base

This whitepaper describes a VoIP Location Management System which provides end-to-end automated location record management. It is relevant to enterprises with or without on-base PSAPs that utilize CPE 9-1-1 and/or TMS systems.

RedSky Horizon Solution to Meet Carrier NG9-1-1 Needs

RedSky HorizonSM family of network solutions deliver an end-to-end, i3-compliant NG9-1-1 solution for state and local markets through a component-based approach that also natively integrates with RedSky enterprise E911 solutions.

Emergency Calling Services as a Location-Based Service

Emergency Calling Services or "911" can now be considered a location-based service (LBS) and this location technology can be further developed to support generic LBS for mobile endpoints.

E911 Solutions for Branch Offices

This white paper discusses the architectural options that solve the problem of 911 calling at remote branch offices on the enterprise IP telephony network.

Using E911 to Meet Military Base Security Objectives

This white paper discusses the role of automated E911 solutions as part of integrated on-base and off-base emergency response systems and outlines key planning and implementation issues.