E911 Liability & Risk Management

Failure to provide E911 protection to employees could result in regulatory fines and expose organizations to large damages from civil and criminal litigation.

With E911 laws in several states, organizations are increasingly responsible for the safety of employees, vendors and visitors while on their premises. Recent jury awards for wrongful death suits indicate that juries are not sympathetic to a company that does not protect people within their facilities.

RedSky has worked with Seyfarth Shaw at Work, a training subsidiary of Seyfarth Shaw, LLP, to write Assessing E911 Liability Risk, a white paper that addresses the liability, compliance and risk issues facing business, government, education and other operators of public facilities. Seyfarth Shaw is one of the nation's leading law firms, specializing in workplace safety compliance and has examined the E911 issue in this regard. Download our E911 Liability white paper.

Issues addressed in the white paper include:

  • Workers Compensation coverage, or lack thereof
  • Gross negligence in states with E911 legislation or in facilities with a known hazard
  • The added risk of vendors, contractors and visitors on premise