E911 Manager®

FeatureReports and Event Management

E911 Manager® has been designed to handle all aspects of E911 in the background while keeping administrators notified of status. The following list of features in E911 Manager® provide a glimpse into the depth of the product.

Web-Based Administration

Built on a Java/Linux platform, E911 Manager® can be administered via any browser based PC. As long as you have network access to the server running E911 Manager® and the password credentials, you can administer E911 Manager® from anywhere. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can access and manage E911 Manager® from any internet connected PC. E911 Manager® features multi-level password control and other military grade security features to allow only authorized personnel access to the application.

Scheduled Tasks

A very powerful feature of E911 Manager® is the scheduled task module which allows you to set specific tasks to run automatically on a specific schedule. For example, you will typically want to schedule your location data (ALI) exports to LEC ALI databases every evening. You can schedule to have reports automatically distributed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


E911 Manager® has over 30 events that are monitored and, if an event occurs, an administrator can be made aware of the event via an email or SMS message. All events are logged to an event file which can be reviewed for the time stamp of the event. A partial list of the more common events are listed below.

Event Description
Discovery Phone Location Change A location change has been detected for an IP Phone
Discovery Port Location Missing No location info defined for port to which IP phone connected
EON Emergency 911 Call A 911 call has been placed to PSAP
LDAP Successful Login Successful login into our application
Phone Data Download: Connect to Switch E911 Manager® Server has connected to PBX for download
Phone Data Download: Phone Switch Data Download E911 Manager® performing download from PBX
PSAP E911DB Unexpected Error or Warning An unexpected error occurred during a PSAP update
PSAP E911DB Update E911 Manager® performing update of Service Provider Database
PSAP E911DB Update Verbose Complete report of E911DB update activity
Scheduler Task Completed A previously Scheduled task has completed

Subscribing to Event Notification

E911 Manager® makes it easy to subscribe to event notification. This powerful feature allows an administrator to manage E911 by exception. For example, most administrators elect to be notified by email when all daily scheduled tasks are completed, giving administrators the feedback that E911 Manager® is working behind the scenes, keeping all location data up to date. A wide variety of reports are available to keep administrators "in touch" with E911 Manager®. These reports can be run as scheduled tasks and distributed to administrators in the enterprise. Reports can be generated in .pdf, .rtf, .tif, .xls, or .csv formats. E911 Manager® keeps a log of virtually every transaction on the system. This is a valuable protection for the enterprise i.e. a complete audit trail of your location record management and, with EON, the precise time and acknowledgement of a 911 emergency call.